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Aug 17, 2019

Clinical tests show that administering Reishi mushroom instead of insulin can reverse blood sugar level back to normal after one year.

Medical complications associated with diabetes also disappear. This is due to the fact that in 1984, Dr. Komota of Tokyo Medical & Dental University, Japan, isolated the substance GANODELAN A and B from extracts of Reishi mushroom that are responsible for blood sugar maintenance.

Long-term use of this incredible mushroom has significant positive effect on diabetes.

It has been discovered that Reishi mushroom contains b-3-glucan-polysaccharide, a potent anti-cancer agent. The Japanese Government states the following: THE JAPANESE MEDICAL FIELD HAS CONFIRMED THAT REISHI HAS POSITIVE EFFICACY and officially lists REISHI mushroom as a substance for treating cancer.

Patients suffering from the side effects of drugs such as antibiotics, hormonal supplements, etc often acquire other related illnesses. This problem is under serious debate by the medical profession since 1965.

The Royal Medical Society of Russia, Australia and England developed a new medical concept of ADAPTOGEN, a substance that is:
non-toxic (has no harmful side-effects),
not limited to special organs or tissues, and
has overall normalizing effect.

Reishi, this amazing "Mushroom of Immortality", is fast becoming known as one of the leading adaptogens used as a preventive medicine normalizing the body functions with no side effects, boosting the bodies' defences and contributing to overall vitality.

Reishi mushroom is best used in disease prevention measures. When in a healthy state, the use of this miraculous mushroom will maintain the body's immunity system and have the vitalizing effect. The continuous use of Reishi mushroom will help prevent degeneration of your body, improve your health and attain longevity.

In Japan, Reishi is a prescription drug. In China, it is available over the counter and in the United States it is a well-known dietary supplement.

Nutritional Components
Polysaccharides (Ganoderic acids A, B, C and D)
Lucidenic acid B
Complete proteins

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