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Aug 11, 2019

The Bioactive Properties & Health Benefits of Cordyceps can be summarized as:

- Energy Booster - increases the number of red blood cells (erythrocytes), which contain the pigment hemoglobin and transports oxygen and carbon dioxide to and from the tissues, thus enhancing physical endurance and resistance;

- Cardio-Vascular Tonic - enhances the performance of cardiac muscle and improves the vasomotor function (constriction and dilatation) by strengthening the blood vessels therefore improving blood circulation;

- Anti-Hypertension Effect - dilates (widens) coronary artery thus increasing the blood flow; it is considered to play a major role as a calcium antagonist in lowering blood pressure and preventing angina pectoris and myocardial infarct;

- Anti-Diabetes - increases the secretion of insulin;

- Sex Drive Stimulant and Anti-Impotence Effect - suppresses the phasic and tonic contraction of corpus cavernosum penis; improves the general sexual functions;

- Stomach and Intestinal Function Tonic - prevents the formation of stress related stomach ulcer and improves the function of digestive system;

- Kidney Tonic - prevents the toxic process in kidney, stimulates nephro-detoxication;

- Liver Protection - prevents the formation of fibroid liver tissues; reduces the ascites (accumulation of liquid in abdominal area) caused by liver cirrhosis; normalizes the biochemical status of the liver (GOT and GPT liver function tests);

- Anti-Tumour Effect - boosts the function of the depressed immune system;

- Anti-Oxidant Properties - assists in delaying the aging process by preventing the formation of peroxide lipids;

- Improves memory and concentration; prevents forgetfulness;

- Diuretic Properties - being a source of D-Mannitol, one of the sugar alcohols that is known for a long time as a usable osmotic diuretic agent; it can be effective in relieving brain oedema (excess of watery fluid collected in the cavities or tissues of the body), brain pressure accentuation and ocular accentuation.

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